In Vietnam, the Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG) program adopts an integrated workstream approach to advance land tenure security, equitable land access, and improved land governance. The program unifies the Customary Tenure (CT) and Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI) components, following a phased strategy that builds on past achievements and leverages existing initiatives for sustainable impact. Throughout Phase 3, the program concentrates on advocating for the revision of the Land Law and its implementation, with specific emphasis on addressing agriculture land accumulation and concentration (ALAC), land acquisition, compensation, support, and resettlement (LACSR), and harmonizing it with the Forestry Law.

The MRLG alliance in Vietnam plays a pivotal role in achieving the program’s objectives. With a focus on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for sustainable land governance, the alliance works to ensure tenure security and equitable land access for all stakeholders, particularly vulnerable groups such as smallholder farmers, ethnic minorities, and women. Through active collaboration with the Department of Land and Department of Forest Protection, the alliance actively contributes to the revision of Land Law 2013 and updating Decree 156 (the guiding decree of Forestry Law 2018) and other land/forestry-related policies.

At the operational level, the alliance’s core focus lies in building the capacities of key stakeholders. By actively raising awareness and meticulously monitoring progress, the alliance supports the effective implementation of land-related laws and policies, propelling transformative policy dialogues and gender mainstreaming within the land governance framework. With a three-year implementation strategy, the alliance diligently works towards ensuring the sustainability of its efforts and capturing best practices while also preparing for the successful conclusion of the MRLG program in Vietnam.

In summary, the MRLG program in Vietnam, driven by its integrated workstream approach, endeavors to create a more secure and equitable land tenure system while improving land governance practices. The MRLG Vietnam alliance plays a critical role in achieving these objectives, with a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive environment and advocating for the interests of vulnerable groups in land-related matters.

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