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Agricultural commercialisation: Balancing efficiency, equity, and justice (policy brief)

Agricultural commercialization in the Mekong since the 2000s aims to boost livelihoods and economies. Yet, conflicting views surround its impacts. The brief analyzes these perspectives—efficiency, equity, and justice—examining their role in shaping regional agricultural policies and laws.

Recognition of customary tenure in the forest landscapes of the Mekong region (policy brief)

The policy brief focuses on recognizing customary forest tenure in the Mekong region, which supports 70 million people. It identifies trends, suggests ways to improve tenure security, and promotes sustainable forest management alongside economic growth.

Towards gender-equitable land policy and lawmaking in the Mekong Region

Regional experts analyze gender-inclusive land policies in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, proposing reforms for equitable policymaking.

Outlook on Gender and Land in the Mekong Region

The Outlook on Gender and Land in the Mekong Region outlines strategic priorities for strengthening gender-equitable land governance, focusing on ensuring equal participation for men and women in land relationships, particularly for ethnic minority women.

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