Review explores Mekong agricultural commercialization, policy implications

Agricultural commercialization in the Mekong region: A meta-narrative review and policy implications examines how agricultural commercialization has affected regional livelihoods in the Mekong area, which has been, for decades, a development priority in the region. The authors’ meta-narrative review not only looks at the research on the effects of agricultural commercialization but also looks into the research traditions that influence how the research issues, study design, and suggested solutions are conceptualized.

The essay analyzes the policy consequences of these studies’ ideological underpinnings. The authors stress the importance of understanding and balancing the many viewpoints on how agricultural commercialization affects local livelihoods in order to create effective policies that promote sustainable development in the Mekong area.

This article was published in the Journal of Land Use Science, a peer-reviewed academic journal that covers a wide range of topics related to land use, land management, and sustainable development. The journal publishes research articles, review papers, and commentaries from scholars and practitioners around the world. Read full article here

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