Review, Comments and Recommendations on the Draft Environment and Natural Resources Code (Version 11) of Cambodia (in Khmer)

The Environment and Natural Resources Code (ENR Code) will be one of Cambodia’s longest laws breaking new ground in a large variety of areas and would provide higher levels of environmental protection, openness and accountability than is the case with virtually all of Cambodia’s existing laws.

MRLG with its partners in Cambodia, have been mobilized to analyze various drafts of the code and has shared recommendations with the Ministry of Environment with the aim to achieve a better recognition and a stronger protection of customary tenure rights, and a greater control over land and natural resources by smallholder farmers in protected areas and forest lands.

This discussion note intends “to take stock of what has changed” from earlier drafts of the ENR Code and “to assess the extent of improvement that might exist in terms of our key interests” when comparing drafts 10/11 with the previous drafts that the organizations’ comments were based on.

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