Customary Tenure (CT)

In Phase 3, MRLG continues to prioritize the recognition and protection of customary tenure rights for local communities and smallholders in the Mekong region. Working closely with key stakeholders at both regional and national levels, including government agencies and civil society organizations, MRLG collaborates with the Regional Customary Tenure Alliance (RCA) to advance research, advocacy, and the implementation of ASEAN Guidelines on Customary Tenure. At the national level, MRLG tailors its efforts to address specific priorities and challenges faced by local communities in each country. This includes conducting research, advocating for legal and policy reforms, and developing practical tools for customary tenure recognition. Gender equity and community engagement remain central to all initiatives. In Cambodia, MRLG focuses on revising protected area laws, while in Lao PDR, efforts are directed towards formalizing forest tenure. In Myanmar, amidst conflict and political instability, MRLG supports local communities’ land rights and customary practices. Through these targeted actions in Phase 3, MRLG aims to secure land rights and improve the well-being of smallholders and local communities across the Mekong region.

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