Agro-Business Large Scale Land Acquisition in Myanmar: Current situation and ways forward

This presentation summarizes an on-going research in Myanmar, carried out by renowned agricultural specialist U San Thein and a team of experts, with the support of MRLG. This research is based on a thorough analysis of records on vacant, fallow and virgin land allotted for mainly agri-business projects between 1992 and 2016, and also an analysis of the reports of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on land confiscation and the return of land. The study also included interview responses from key government staff in all concerned line ministries.
It presents brand new information about the status of vacant, fallow and virgin land granted by the State (as concession) to agri-business companies or individual, organization and military in Myanmar representing a total of 3,968,314 acres, their location, their use rate (on average 15 %) and other important data. It also analyses the results of the parliamentary Investigation Commission and ends by recommendations for better regulation of future concessions.

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