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Basic Principles of Practical Land Administration (Burmese)

Basic Principles of Practical Land Administration (Burmese)
The Guidebook ‘Basic Principles of Practical Land Administration’ co-published by MRLG and the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Irrigation is the first comprehensive and practical manual defining principles and procedures for assessing and addressing land complaints at the various levels of administration in Myanmar. It provides a basis for assessing a land conflict and taking decision about how it needs to be addresed. Since 2016, in order to address widespread discontent over land confiscation or land acquisition by various state authorities or private interests that resulted in decades-long land disputes, the Myanmar Government formed “Committees for Re-investigation of Farmland and other Land Acquisition” at union, state/region, district and township levels including relevant technical departments, but also members of parliament and civil society representatives. The role of these Re-investigation Committees is to review the complaints related to land submitted to them and ensure that the appropriate measures are taken to find a reasonable solution. Despite some policy guidelines prescribed by the Central Committee at union level, many of the members of these committees lack a good understanding of the basic principles of land governance and the current land administration regulations in Myanmar, and lack the capacity to articulate these principles in practice. These weaknesses have affected the effectiveness of the Committees to address the cases submitted to them and to apply a due process. This guidebook provides guidance to the committee members, but also for all the people concerned and impacted by land issues to analyze a specific situation, understand what law and regulation applies, refer the cases to the appropriate level of the administration and assess the need for specific action. The book is based on the practical experience of the author in providing technical support to various Re-investigation Committees.

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