Communal land titling in practice: Lessons from Khammouane Province, Lao PDR

This capitalization note explores the results and lessons learned from a process to issue a Communal Land Title to 33 households on 41.6 hectares of agricultural land in Talaknathin village, Gnommalath district, Khammouane province in Lao PDR. The process was facilitated by CIDSE-Laos, a locally managed civil society organization and local government.

The case study is intended to provide evidence that can be used to inform the development of legislation and accompanying procedures for communal land titling in Laos. While limited to a single communal plot within one village, the case study provides insights into the potentials and limitations of the CISDE titling approach to enhance village tenure security within rural communities in Laos. This, in turn, is useful to inform whether the model could be scaled up nationwide.

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